Our Strategy

Success in our financial lives relies as much on partnership as in any other aspect of our daily lives. The implementation of a prudent financial program is the outcome of a collaborative planning process of identifying goals, objectives, and resources with a trusted financial advisor- a plan that paints the landscape of what is and what will be and ultimately establishes a roadmap for success.

Netherby's investment strategy is based upon the belief that securities markets are efficient over the long-term and that there are limited market opportunities that benefit from active management.

LifeStage Portfolio
Specialized Portfolio

Netherby's Investment Advisory Service focuses on building differentiated model portfolios that wealth managers use as core allocations for client portfolios.

Our Guiding Principles

Markets work
Capital markets do a good job of fairly pricing all available information and investor expectations about publicly traded securities.

Diversification is key
Comprehensive, global asset allocation limits the risks specific to individual securities.

Risk and return are related
The compensation for taking increased levels of risk is the potential to earn greater returns.

Portfolio structure explains performance
The asset classes that comprise a portfolio and the risk levels of those asset classes are responsible for most of the variability of portfolio returns.

Why Asset Class Investing Works

  • Modern Portfolio Theory identifies asset allocation as the primary determinant of portfolio performance, and has shown that it can explain over 90% of the variance of a portfolio’s return.
  • Asset Class Investing represents the evolution of portfolio management – offering significantly lower costs than active management and more flexibility than traditional index investing.
  • Asset Class Investing is easily communicated increasing investor consulting and long term commitment.